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As a small family business, we pride ourselves on offering you a personal, bespoke service for your wedding in North Wales.

Talhenbont Hall is now owned by Paul and his fiancée Alicia. The Estate has been in the Good family since 1978. They have worked to offer a truly bespoke wedding service, and nothing is too much trouble. They have built up strong relationships with a list of key industry suppliers and experts who work with them to make Talhenbont Hall so very special.

Paul and Alicia have an 11-year-old daughter, Daisy, who loves weddings and meeting couples, especially brides! Daisy also really enjoys meeting children that come and stay on the Estate.

We offer a bespoke, tailored service and care passionately about our couples and guests.

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Our History

Talhenbont Hall is a Grade II listed manor house in North Wales. It was built in 1607 by William Vaughan. The initials “WV” for its builder William Vaughan, and the date of 1607 are still clearly visible over the side of the house, which was once the main entrance.

In 1642, the owner was William Lloyd, and he was arrested as a Royalist sympathiser as Cromwell’s men took over the Hall.

The Civil War years saw ownership change from Lloyd, High Sheriff in 1647, to the army and back again until eventually it was sold and became tenanted.

The Manor House used as a garrison for the Parliamentary army in the Civil War and reflects the economic pressures and politics that went into its construction.

In 1758 Talhenbont Hall was the largest estate in North Wales. It changed hands many times in the 18th century and was occupied by Sir Thomas Mostyn, the sixth baronet from 1796, who represented Flintshire in Parliament and was Sheriff of Caernarvonshire.

In 1817, John Maughan, who was a tree expert, was brought down from Northumberland and was responsible for planting many of the thousands of trees that form the ancient woodland today.

Fast forward to 1978 when Paul’s parents took over the Estate and since then has been a truly special place for everyone that has visited and stayed on the Estate over the years. When visiting Talhenbont Hall, be sure to look out for those personal family touches that Paul’s parents added to the Estate, the beautiful stain glass windows in the Hall feature some personal family photos and family pets that were truly the heart of the Good family.

In 2016 Paul and Alicia took over ownership of the Estate when Paul’s parents retired, since 2016 Paul and Alicia have worked tirelessly to update and renovate parts of the Estate, turning it into a truly spectacular exclusive use wedding venue in North Wales, it provides a prestigious secluded setting where dreams really do come true.

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