What’s new with Talhenbont Hall: The Coach House Terrace

Spring is just around the corner and there’s no better way to celebrate than going outdoors and taking in the gorgeous greenery and sunshine. At Talhenbont one of the best places to do this (other than while strolling our verdant grounds) is our recently built terrace, adjacent to our Coach House.

Passing through the bifolding doors, at the rear of the Coach House, you enter onto the spacious terrace, overlooking our stunning vistas of woodland. The surrounding forest gives the terrace a private, cosy feeling perfect for a romantic dinner or brunch with friends. If you’re lucky, you or your guests may even catch a glimpse of some of the local wildlife that lives on our grounds.

The tasteful and modern décor is simultaneously well furnished and leaves plenty of space to do whatever you need. The far end of the terrace features a in-set bench surrounding one of the big attractions of the terrace is our recently installed fire-pit. In the evening it’s a perfect spot to warm yourself beside as you relax with your friends and family.

For those considering hosting their wedding or ceremony with us, the location is also suitable for outdoor ceremonies for those that like the idea of an intimate, outdoor ceremony, without the potential issues that come with earth such as accessibility or being beholden to the recent weather. The clean, minimal décor means the area could be decorated to fit any type and style of wedding or ceremony. The doors between the terrace and Coach House can also be opened to create one larger area ideal for a casual reception or evening do.

We encourage our guests to explore the Terrace when they visit us so they can enjoy the relaxing, snug environment outdoors it provides!

Contact: [email protected] for additional information.