10 Facts About Talhenbont Hall Estate

Talhenbont Hall is classic example of beautiful Welsh architecture, and like many stately homes, it has its own fascinating and unique heritage. While it may not have a hidden door and moving bookcases, there are still many fascinating facts you may not know about the location, that add to its charm and history.


  1. Talhenbont Hall was constructed in 1607 and is now a registered Grade II listed building.
  2. In 1758 Talhenbont Hall was the largest single owned piece of land in the district of Eifionydd.
  3. Former President Clinton’s cousin got married at the Estate in the 1990’s.
  4. Some of the interior doors used in the main Hall were originally from the Houses of Parliament.
  5. The original coat of arms features the motto ‘Non Nobis Nati’ which translated means ‘We are not born for ourselves’.
  6. Talhenbont Hall’s extensive grounds are home to Golden Pheasants, Peacocks, and a host of other rare avian.
  7. Despite its cosy-looking exterior, the Estate can sleep 42 guests and host up to 70 guests in the main hall for a reception, and 150 in the newly refurbished Coach house.
  8. In 2011 Talhenbont Hall was featured on the BBC show Hidden Houses of Wales, hosted by Laurence Llewellyn-Bowen, which alongside an exploration of the property featured a séance!
  9. In 1817, John Maughan, who was a tree expert, was brought down from Northumberland and was responsible for planting many of the thousands of trees that form the ancient woodland today.
  10. Finally, the Hall was bought by Roger & Gillian Good in 1978 and their son, Paul Good took over the Estate with his fiancée Alicia, in November 2016 and they set up the wedding business recently after that.

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