Tips on Your Wedding Budget


Setting a wedding budget is one of the first and most important planning tasks to complete. After all, you can’t move forward with your vision or find your wedding vendors until you know how much money you have to spend!

It’s important to discuss with your partner what things really matter to you and prioritise your Top 3 areas. You can then look to compromise on the items that aren’t as important to you and focus your spend on the areas that matter most. Your venue is one of the most important aspects and one of the more expensive items on your wedding budget. Do be sure to check out any Special Offers & Late Availability deals.

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Some couples break tradition and don’t include all items associated with your wedding day, such as wedding favours (which often get left on tables!).

Discuss your vision

Talk with your partner about your ideal wedding, what matters most to you both, including the size, style, and atmosphere you both desire. Be prepared to negotiate! Remember the more guests you invite there are associated costs relating to food & drink. If you’re on a tighter budget definitely look at the number of guests you’re looking to invite. Some couples will invite more guests to their evening party, therefore saving costs on the day of the wedding on food & drink.

Set your budget range

Based on your financial situation and priorities, determine a budget range that feels comfortable and realistic, factoring in all the items that really matter to you. Do consider your venue here with regard to decor & flowers. Has your venue got lots of character? Or is it literally a blank canvas? If it’s literally a room with no character you may have to spend substantially more on flowers & decor so the room looks beautiful.

Track your spending

It is important to have a spreadsheet of all the costs, it will be your best friend! You can also use a free budget tool like: Hitched, BrideBook, The Knot, or Wedding Wire, to help you track your expenses and payments.

Allocate your funds

Use a wedding budget breakdown chart (with percentages!) to see how much you should spend on each element of your wedding.

Prepare for the unexpected

No matter how well you plan, there may be some unforeseen expenses that pop up along the way. It’s a good idea to set aside some contingency funds (about 10% of your total budget) for emergencies or last-minute additions.

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