Wedding Tik Tok Trends

Any bride to be will know that Pinterest has always be the king of wedding planning apps but, in the last few years, TikTok has quietly been challenging its throne. With the florists, wedding planners, budgeters and enthusiastic brides and grooms putting out trends and tips on it for free, it’s worth a look for any curious couple.

Pearl detailing

Pearls have always been a bit contentious with brides- some consider them bad luck, while others want them on everything! This current trend- dubbed pearlcore on TikTok– is expected to be highly popular in 2022, and includes things such as pearls on your veil, pearl broaches and fascinators, and of course pearl earrings! They’re available in a wide array of colours that can fit basically any theme too.

Bright Colours AND Monochromatic Palettes

As with most of these TikTok wedding trends, they seem to embrace the unusual and untraditional; this is no different with these two trends! Both bright pops of colour and monochrome seem to be coming popular trends on TikTok. Bundles of brightly coloured florals as part of your table décor or aisle runners can give a warm, summery feel to your wedding. On the other hand, if you prefer a more elegant, subtle aesthetic, white and black may be for you. Including hints of metal, mirror and darker greenery can really bring the theme together and give you a mature, ‘Oscar’s chic’ look.

Food Trucks

Food Trucks at weddings have been a thing in America for a few years but are slowly creeping into British wedding culture too! They’re much more available than they use to be and come in a rainbow of flavours and cuisines to pick from. Having this more casual catering allows guests to serve themselves, avoiding food waste, and is a neat solution to outdoor catering at your wedding.

Live Paintings

Live wedding paintings are a massive trend on TikTok right now. Not only do they make great content, but you get a wonderful, hand painted snapshot of your special day. While they were more costly than simply hiring a photographer or getting the painting done after the wedding, nothing beats the magic of being able to see the depiction of your first dance on the same day! While photorealism is the most popular style, you can easily customise this trend to suit your home décor or style!

Unique Entertainment

Nothing makes for a standout wedding more than entertainment no one else has! This trend covers quite the range from fire-breathing and burlesque to fireworks and outdoor movie theaters and everything in between. Instead of sticking with just a band and photobooth, you can really go for whatever you love!

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